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MESR : Investments for the future

Ambition: to give France 5 to 10 "Initiatives of Excellence" that can compete with the best universities in the world.

The "Initiatives of Excellence" bring together, according to a logic of territory, institutions of higher education and research already recognized for their scientific excellence and teaching.

They aim at a high level of integration that can ensure their visibility and attractiveness internationally.

The "Initiatives of Excellence" are structured according to ambitious scientific projects in close partnership with their economic environment.

Medalis : Lien vers l'ANR



Agence nationale de la recherche

The ANR is a research funding organisation. The role of the Agency is to bring more flexibility to the French research system, foster new dynamics and devise cutting edge-strategies for acquiring new knowledge. By identifying priority areas and fostering private-public collaborations, it also aims at enhancing the general level of competitiveness of both the French research system and the French economy.

Medalis : Université de Strasbourg




Université de Strasbourg

European by nature and international by design, the University's strengths and assets stem from its active involvement in virtually every discipline comprising the current body of knowledge. Each of the University's main academic fields of instruction is based upon research sections that are the driving force of the institution, with over  2,600 professors and 2,000 staff. Solidly anchored in the European Higher Education Area, the University of Strasbourg, a beating heart of the Alsatian metropolis with its 42,000 students, has the potential to face the challenging international competition.

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