LabEx Medalis

Medalis goals

Medalis is a fully integrated Drug Discovery Center with four action lines:

  • drug discovery research dealing with the scientific project,
  • drug discovery platforms providing research infrastructure,
  • drug discovery transfer managing the industrial exploitation,
  • drug discovery education developing and running innovative education programs.

This laboratory of excellence (LabEx) has been recognized in 2011 by the French 'Investissements d'Avenir' program and funded for 10 years. It was subsequently incorporated into University of Strasbourg's IDEX (Initiative d'Excellence).

Based on strong basic research, Medalis aims to generate a drug discovery pipeline capable of taking molecules for the treatment of cancer and inflammation all the way through the pre-clinical stage and up to phase II clinical trials. These molecules will be available for licensing to established pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, or to start-ups arising directly from the Medalis project. A percentage of the income generated from the licensed patents will be reinvested in Medalis. We intend to be financially self-sufficient after the initial period of LabEx funding.

Medalis: Staff200 people work in Medalis (half have tenure positions and half are PhD students and post-docs).

Medalis is located in Strasbourg, a city whose central place for drug development in the Upper Rhine Valley is well known: the European Pharmacopoeia, the worldwide-intended Pôle de compétitivité "Innovation thérapeutique ", and Alsace BioValley are at the heart of the European pharmaceutical industry.

An efficient Medalis Drug Discovery Center will strengthen this strategic position of Strasbourg.


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