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Medalis: Immunologie et chimie thérapeutiquesImmunopathologie et chimie thérapeutique

Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire du CNRS (IBMC)

15 rue René Descartes - 67100 STRASBOURG - France

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Medalis: Team Autoimmunity and immunomodulation

Main investigator

Medalis : Muller SylvianeDr. Sylviane MULLER

Research director at CNRS




The aim of the team “Autoimmunity and immunomodulation” is to understand the molecular and cellular bases of autoimmune inflammatory responses and to identify novel therapeutic approaches to specifically treat autoimmune diseases. We are mostly interested in systemic autoimmune diseases as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, both in human and spontaneous or induced murine models. In addition to fundamental aspects, understanding the fine mechanisms (genetic, cellular, environmental) responsible for the breakdown of tolerance in autoimmune individuals, should allow us to develop specific strategies to target deleterious events. Our strategies are based on peptides and small molecules and are centered on abnormally expressed genes, deviated cell survival pathways and cytokine-receptors complexes.

Medalis: Team Autoimmunity and immunomodulation
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