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Medalis: Functional chemo systemsLaboratoire de conception et application de molécules bioactives UMR 7199

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 Medalis: Functional chemo systems team

Main investigator

Wagner AlainDr. Alain WAGNER

Research director at CNRS



The efficient and selective cleavage and formation of a chemical bond in response to the production by a living organism of a chemical mediator is the operative basis of many long-acting medicines, prodrugs, and probes for imaging, diagnostic tests and analytic technologies.
Taking advantage of modern imaging methods, we have developed an original chemometric methodology to figure the bio-responsivity profile of potentially labile chemical bond.
For example, collaborative studies with other LabEx partners led to the detection of particular bonds which cleavage is initiated by abnormal concentration of pathologically relevant chemical mediators (biothiols, ROS, NO, pH alteration). The bio-responsive functions exhibiting best selectivity, high reactivity, low toxicity and good metabolic stability were utilized as switch to design new FRET based fluorescent probes. The turn-on probes were employed to monitor chemical bond cleavage and mediators miss regulation (over- or under-produced) in various representative cellular and animal models.

Medalis: Functional chemo systems team
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