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Medalis : Équipe Chimie génétiqueLaboratoire de conception et application de molécules bioactives
UMR 7199

Faculté de Pharmacie de Strasbourg 

74 route du Rhin
67400 ILLKIRCH - France

Phone: +33 368 854 117 - Fax: +33 368 854 306

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Main investigator

Medalis : Remy Jean SergeDr. Jean-Serge REMY

Research director at CNRS



The Laboratory of Genetic Chemistry was historically the second laboratory to describe a synthetic gene delivery vector. The laboratory patented two major synthetic gene delivery vectors, Transfectam® and Jet-PEI™. For 15 years, the laboratory was also involved in the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides, and recently it described the first truly cationic oligonucleotide keeping natural phosphate bonds and its application for in vitro RNA interference. Ongoing developments in nanochemistry are providing new molecules capable of forming organic nanostructures able to deliver individual biologically active oligonuclotides, as supramolecular complexes (as opposed to particles).

Medalis: Genetic chemistry team
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