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Medalis : Équipe RCPG et douleurBiotechnologie et signalisation cellulaire
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 Medalis : Team GPCRs and cardiobiology

Main investigator

Medalis : Nebigil CananDr. Canan NEBIGIL-DESAUBRY

Research director at CNRS



Cardiotoxicity leading to heart failure represents a major reason for termination of the cancer chemotherapy. This adverse effect of anticancer drugs is particularly exacerbated in children. 15 % of survivors of childhood cancer patients develop congestive heart failure with a mortality of 50 % within 2 years. Recently, our studies have been focused on preventing the cardiac advers effect of doxorubicin, which is one of the major medicines used in cancer chemotherapy. We have already described a small cardioprotective molecule (FL3) which effectively protect mice against doxorubicin-induced acute cardiotoxicity. Our current project focuses on defining a novel G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling pathway that is activated by peptide hormones, termed “prokineticins” in preservation and/or expansion of the resident stem cell pool responsible for cardiac repair

Medalis : Équipe RCPG et cardiobiologie
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