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Medalis : Équipe RCPG et douleurBiotechnologie et signalisation cellulaire
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 Medalis : Team GPCRs, pain and inflammation

Main investigator

Medalis : Simonin FrédéricDr. Frédéric SIMONIN

Researcher at CNRS



Pain is a major health problem. Although great advances have been made in recent years in the understanding of mechanisms that underlie pain, opiate analgesics such as morphine remains the most effective mean of alleviating moderate to severe pain. However, opiate treatments are associated with several adverse side effects such as the development of hyperalgesia (pain hypersensitivity) and tolerance to analgesic effect. Similarly, persistent or chronic pain syndromes are frequently associated with pain hypersensitivity. Our team is currently studying the molecular mechanisms that are involved in the development of hyperalgesia and associated inflammatory processes. Our work should allow us to identify novel strategies and novel targets for pain treatment.

Medalis : Équipe RCPG, douleur et inflammation
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