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Medalis : Équipe Impact du microenvironnement sur l’angiogenèse et l’invasion tumoraleMN3T (The Microenvironmental Niche in tumorigenesis and targeted therapy)
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Medalis : Équipe Angiogenèse et invasion tumorale

Main investigator

Medalis : Bagnard DominiqueDr. Dominique BAGNARD

Assistant Professor




Our fundamental research aspect focus on the role and impact of the extracellular matrix molecules tenascin-C (TNC) and laminins (LM) on cell migration and angiogenesis in normal tissue homeostasis, inflammation and cancer and has led to novel insights into the role of LM and TNC in tumor progression.
In an applied research approach novel peptides targeting transmembrane receptors that integrate signals from the microenvironment had been designed for targeting tumor angiogenesis and progression. The proof of concept of this unique strategy has been shown with a peptide inhibiting Neuropilin-1, a major regulator of tumor growth. We are currently extending the strategy by designing and validating a whole class of therapeutic peptides interfering with signalling platforms.

Medalis : Angionenesis and tumoral invasion
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