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Medalis : Équipe Chimie biologie intégrativeLaboratoire d'innovation thérapeutique
UMR 7200

Faculté de Pharmacie de Strasbourg

74 route du Rhin
67400 ILLKIRCH - France

Phone: +33 368 854 220 - Fax: +33 368 854 310

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Main investigator

Medalis : Hibert MarcelPr. Marcel HIBERT

Professor at the University of Strasbourg



Our objective is to design and discover small molecules in order to decipher complex life mechanisms and develop original drug candidates. We work along three main axes:
Chemical biology. New synthetic pathways to produce original and diverse molecular templates ("diversophores"); labeled probes to study GPCRs functional architecture; labeled compound libraries for microfluidics.
Cancer and inflammation. Molecules with original mechanisms of action: "neutraligands" of chemokines or cancer stem cells inhibitors; clinical biomarkers and target validation.
Love and pain. New compounds acting at vasopressin/ocytocin receptors (love) and RFamide receptors (pain).

Medalis : Team Integrative Chemical Biology

Minozac: Phase II clinical studies
for Alzheimer’s disease

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