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Medalis : Équipe Chimie biologie intégrative- Structural chemogenomics -
Laboratoire d'innovation thérapeutique
UMR 7200

Faculté de Pharmacie de Strasbourg

74 route du Rhin
67400 ILLKIRCH - France

Phone: +33 368 854 235 - Fax: +33 368 854 683

 Medalis : Équipe Chémogénomique structurale

Main investigator

Medalis : Rognan DidierDr. Didier ROGNAN

Research director at CNRS



Our team is at the interface of diverse disciplines (chemistry, biology, informatics) and aims at rationalizing and accelerating the discovery of bioactive compounds with two major objectives:
• discover biochemical and pharmacological probes enabling to decipher the role of a target protein in physiopathological situations
• provide medicinal chemists with hits in order to optimize their properties into lead compounds or clinical candidates. We first develop novel chem- and bio-informatics algorithms for better describing relationships between chemical and biological spaces. We then apply these novel virtual screening tools in order to identify novel ligands for innovative pharmaceutical targets.

Medalis: Structural Chemogenomics
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