LabEx Medalis

The symposium will focus on:

  • ADME Prediction and Computational Toxicoloy
  • QSAR and Environmental Toxicology
  • Molecular Dynamic Simulations and Related Methods
  • Big Data Analysis and Precision Medicine
  • Ligand Based and Structure Based Approaches
  • Computational Biology and Quantum Enzymology
  • Computationally-Driven Drug Discovery: Case Studies
  • Binding Kinetics in Drug Discovery
  • Modelling of Biological Drugs

All participants are invited to register and submit abstracts of scientific communications which will be peer-reviewed for their acceptance. Abstract Submission Deadlines:

  • For oral communications (and early bird fee): May 19, 2016
  • For posters: June 16, 2016

More information

Vous êtes ici : Colloques 21st EuroQSAR 2016 symposium